Happy You've found your way here! Heres a little about me and my process. I am happy to answer other questions you may have. Just reach out!

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I work in the abstract, using line and color to connect with aspects of nature & the human experience. My process at its core draws from ideas of letting go, allowing, and remaining open to an uncontrolled ‘happening’.


Within this experience of creation, I use highly pigmented watercolors, acrylic inks, dry pigments, alcohol inks, or a mix on 100% cotton, canvas, or waterproof substrate.


I’m drawn to the movement and ever-changing nature of the sky and our earths water sources. Like these, my process is fluid and unconstrained. By accessing this freedom I’m able to let colors flow and blend, guiding often intense colors to say something.


I am inspired by artists who push ‘the norm, the box, or container’. Those who access the abstract and who allow the process to unfold on the canvas.

From a very young age I remember watching my beautiful mother pull images from her mind to place on an empty surface. It was magic to me. I wanted that magic to flow from within me as well.

My first memory of creating was mother handing me a brush, a small step stool, a messy jar of paint, and standing me in front of a blank wall of our farm home and saying "paint"

In that moment the blank wall did not intimidate, it enlivened, it opened up a part of me that wanted to be, to exist, to allow myself to take up space, to communicate something, anything. In that moment I chose to speak of Family. As my 6 year old self stepped off the stool and admired my giant stick figure family wall with my mother, I felt something... a small piece of

magic began to grow within. 

I love the magic of creation, it can be seen in nature, and it resides within each of us.  I use this  to stay alive, it helps me breathe, it helps me stay grounded, and it helps me access the creator in me.

It is my hope that you will find access to that which enlivens and breathes life into your very soul


Original Ink Painting with Metallic Accents, 2020, L-Jean

Lisa Jean
Original Works of Art

Feelings come and go like clouds in the sky, conscious breathing is my anchor....Thich Nhat Hanh